Universal Postal Union Agreements

By remaining in the UPU, the United States retains a leading role in the global postal system. The adoption of Option V allows the United States to increase the price of parcels arriving from other countries in exchange for a contribution to the EU Voluntary Contribution Fund. The United States has obtained permission to set its own Inbound postal costs and remains within the UPU. Prior to the creation of the UPU, all countries that exchanged the post office had to negotiate a postal contract. In the absence of a contract requiring the direct distribution of letters, the mail had to pass through an intermediary country. [3] Postal rules were complex and overlapping. In 1853, the United States had a postal contract with Prussia, but some states in southern Germany sent their American mail instead of France. In the absence of a postal contract between the United States and France, the Post Office had to travel on a British or Belgian vessel. U.S. General James Campbell doubted that … The regulations can certainly be continued, “but he saw hope in a postal contract with Bremen, which also included the union of the Austro-German post office.

[4]:721-722 Despite the final solution, I am optimistic that some decisions will be made and put live so that the end consumer does not suffer. It`s not just about the United States and China – it`s about the #1 and #2 the world`s economies. The scenario of adjusting mail delivery rates is expected to continue and repeat worldwide. What do experienced sellers do to avoid these high fees? They transport freight through resellers of the Extra-Territorial Exchange Office (ETOE). While this may seem like an exciting sequel to a 1980s alien film, it`s just a big phrase and an acronym for a postal company that`s building its store in another country. In order to develop communication between peoples through the efficient functioning of postal services and to contribute to the achievement of the noble objectives of international cooperation in the cultural, social and economic fields, plenipotentiaries of the governments of the contracting states have adopted this Constitution subject to ratification. Ensure the free movement of mailings over a single postal area made up of interconnected networks; In early 2020, countries are expected to start issuing revised tariff cards and no one knows who will be the first to click the “Send” button.

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