Wattpad Wedding Agreement Bab 2

“Well, here we go. I`ll have breakfast first. What do you want to eat? “asked Tari when she asked herself. . . . Please contact the author to order his novel mbk, 08158140664 “Hmmm,” replied Bian, while wiping his mouth with fabrics donated to Tari. His head is still dizzy, but his stomach is improving. . Tari fought so early with the washing machine. Mrs. Darmi`s permission because her son is sick, so she`s doing her homework. At nine o`clock, he has an appointment with Dad to discuss the collaboration.

He doesn`t like to leave the house in a mess. After the wash, the sweep, then the Bian towel smiled a little. “No, it`s not me. That`s exactly what it is. Dance nodded enthusiastically with a broad smile. The best day ever. “Maybe you think I don`t care. But we`re the same. I`m not going to let anyone ruin my family`s name. Then… You can take my word for it,” Bian said confidently.

A little smile dances. Looks like the plan is going smoothly. After dinner, Sarah brought a box full of provisions to replace the noose. They`re on the couch. “Mas Bian.” Tari knocked again at the door of her husband`s room. “Standing up… it will soon be azan. “How is it better?” Tari asked when she rubbed eucalyptus oil on her husband`s neck. Bian`s visiting. He knows where it`s going to go. Sarah looked at him softly. Her lover`s face is getting closer.

Barely far away. Suddenly, Tari`s watery face appeared in his head. Bian gently wiped his face. No, he can`t compare Sarah to Tari. She has known her boyfriend since they went to university. And he`s already asked Sarah to wait for him. He has to keep his promise. Close Bian. She did not expect Tari to think about the marriage she had. Moreover, she did not think so long about the consequences of her meeting with Sarah. “Okay, here we go.

But I can assure you that it will not happen. “Don`t you need to get ready for the office?” Tari asked, checking the contents of the refrigerator. Yes Novelnya Wedding Agreement By Mrs Mia Chuzaimah please check again mbk I really linknya 🙂 “Take a taxi online for a while,” Bian suggested. Good story, thank you. Especially the first 👍👍 dance. “Well, that`s it. Thank you so much for this time. Dance and go into the room. His chest is always tight. But her husband will still vote for her. “Hmmm.” The dance is always busy admiring the dancers below. Bian was breathing deeply.

Maybe Tari won`t appreciate what she`s going to tell me. But he has to tell me. So his wife knows the real state. “I`m glad you told me about your parents. Thank you for believing in me.

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