What Is A Direct Payment Agreement

You can use a direct payment to pay for services, equipment or activities that meet your social care needs. You can buy them from organizations or individuals. If you feel you`re not getting enough money from your direct payment, let your advice go. Maybe you can help yourself. If not, you can get help from a lawyer who can act as your spokesperson and make sure you are heard. Sense does not offer advocacy services, but our information and advice service may refuse you a local legal service or direct assistance service ordered by your local authority. Like many others, you can choose to use your direct payment to directly recruit personal assistance staff. A direct payment can help you live more independently. It gives you more flexibility, control and selection than if your support for you is arranged by your board.

This is your choice if you want to have a direct payment, and you can`t be sure if you want or can manage it. Direct payments are not considered income and do not affect your benefits. If you can`t make decisions, you can still receive direct payments if a family member, guardian or friend is willing to manage your direct payment for you. Your council should check your situation within six months. This is to make sure you have enough money to buy services and manage your direct payment. A direct payment is one of the ways you can get money from your board to help you pay for the care and help you need. If you opt for a direct payment, you will have more control over the services you use and where you get it. You can spend your direct payment on all services as long as they are legal, safe and healthy, and meet your legitimate needs. Your board will deposit your direct payment into your bank or construction account. Your Council has a legal responsibility to offer you the possibility of a direct payment.

In these cases, the Commission can provide you with a combination of payments. You can choose to receive all or part of your personal budget in the form of a direct payment, so that you are able to purchase services or pay someone to help you. You can also use direct payments to pay a close down payment to meet your legitimate needs as long as they don`t live with you. If you choose to do so, your board should ensure that the direct payment covers the responsibilities and costs associated with direct recruitment of support staff. These include the management of tax and social security files, DBS cheques, leave pay and training costs. Your advice should help you use direct payments to organize your own care. If you have problems with your direct payments, contact your local council. If you are not satisfied with the support you receive, you can complain. Your city council will have an appeal procedure that you can apply. Examples of things you can buy with your direct payment: A combination of payments may consist of a smaller direct payment, with a little care and support, arranged by your board or by a supplier.

This way, you can try direct payments before deciding whether you want to switch to a “full” direct payment. If they decide that you have social assistance needs, such as.B. Help with meal preparation, care for your personal hygiene or on the go, they will give you a personal budget. Depending on their financial situation, you may have to pay for some of your care and assistance. To make a decision on this matter, a financial assessment is completed. Another option is to choose a support service provider who will take on all the job tasks and responsibilities and take over the “der. Your selected support provider should work with you and, if necessary, with your family, to ensure that you are fully involved in recruiting and mentoring staff and identifying training needs.

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