Youtube End User License Agreement

While YouTube does not seem to require creators to add links to their legal agreements in their channel`s “about” tab, including links such as your privacy policy or general terms of sale, there is something to keep in mind. (i) return the purchase price of the license or (ii) correct defects, “errors” or errors within a reasonable time. This restricted warranty is extinguished if the defect is due to an accident, abuse or error application. Compensation. They compensate, defend (according to the YouTube option) and hold YouTube, its related companies and associated parties unscathed against all claims, costs, losses, damages, debts, judgments, fees (including reasonable fees for lawyers and other professionals) and expenses arising from or related to claims, actions or proceedings (all are “claims”) by a third party resulting from (i) access or use of YouTube API services, those acting on your behalf, your API clients or (ii) actual violation or presumed to have the agreement (or part of it) by you, those acting on your behalf, your client (s) or your user, including any actual or alleged violation of a third party`s right (including any intellectual property rights or other property , privacy, data protection or advertising rights) by: , those who act on your behalf, your API customers or one of your users; or (iii) content, data, technologies or materials provided or provided by or above you, those acting on your behalf, your customer (s) of API or your user, not by YouTube, its affiliates and associated parties. Here, BuzzFeed places links to its page with privacy rules and the page “User Agreement”: 2.2. Several environmental products; Produces in several languages; Dual Media produces; Several copies; Packages. If you use different versions of the product or different language editions of the product, If you receive the product on multiple media, receive more copies of the product, or have received the product with other software, the total authorized number of your customer devices on which all versions of the product are installed is the number of licenses you have obtained from Gaijin, provided that each license purchased, unless the license otherwise provides, is allowed to install and use the product on a (1) customer device. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, you may not rent versions or copies of the Product, bundle, lease, sublicensing, lend or transfer with other products or materials without Gaijin`s written consent, whether or not you use the product. The AML hopes that the infographics will travel from afar, highlighting the conversations and behaviours that will make users and the agency aware of their expert use of electrical communication. You are cordially invited to print and/or publish infographics on blogs or websites, link them from your blogs or websites and share them with family, friends and colleagues, as long as the LMM is associated. The use of the product services provided here in this term (as defined in this term) is subject to Gaijin`s privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) and Gaijin`s Terms of Use the terms you accept in their entirety. This end-user electronic license agreement (the “contract”) is a legal agreement between you (either a natural entity or an entity), and Gaijin Network Ltd.

(at: Kyriakou Matsi, 10 Liliana Building, 2. Stock Office 203, PC 1082 Nicosia, Cyprus) (the “Gaijin”), except in paragraph r.

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